These two hard cover coffee table books are part of a series of books that I plan to produce to document and showcase my photography of our region. Whilst I am creating these books mainly for myself as a personal record of my photography I am also making them available for purchase.

The price of a book is the cost to me to have it printed which is $55. Delivery is 2 to 4 weeks unless I have the book in stock.

I plan to add further books to the series in the future with titles like “Autumn”, “Less is More”, “Drama and Musicals” etc.

You can purchase books by emailing me at:

These are very limited edition books so are ideal as unique gifts for friends, visitors and when travelling.

My crowdfunded book of photography, “New England High Country – Contrast & Colour”, can be purchased at NERAM, Reader’s Companion and The Armidale Visitor Information Centre.

Terry Cooke

13 May 2016